Uncompromised Safety Standardsmalaika-stroke

At Malaika we believe that child safety is paramount and will soon be proudly introducing the world’s first range of car seats that will surpass every international safety standard.

Ergodynamic Design

With clever thinking and consideration for young children and their parents, we have introduced a whole new level of comfort and innovative features that makes everyday tasks that little bit easier.

Technological Advancements

Only by asking fundamental questions regarding current child road-safety guidelines can you begin to understand how relevant forces are applied relating to speed and direction of impact.  With modern advancements in design and technology, we want to empower parents to increase their awareness in order to make the correct decisions.

Enhanced Performance

By constantly engaging with our customers and becoming more aware of life’s little mishaps, together we rigorously test at our dedicated innovation centre.  Allowing our design engineers to develop the most robust and durable materials throughout our product development.

Our Team of Experts

Since its foundation in 2013, the Malaika problem-solving approach encourages our researchers and engineers to work together across departments, fields and institutional boundaries to deliver real change.


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